Project Category: Funding Year 9


Sinbad is an adventure, platformer with stylized environments and puzzles taking inspiration from the likes of Super Mario, A Hat in Time, and the Legend of Zelda. It follows the young sailor on his first voyage out into the seven seas.

During their first outing Sinbad and his Uncle get caught up in a storm, far out to sea. After attempting to moor their ship on the coast of a nearby island, the ship gets blown down the coast with his Uncle still on board. Now alone, Sinbad must traverse this new landscape to get back to the safety of their ship.

As Sinbad works his way across the treacherous island, he finds: many challenges that stand in his way, many natives who are fascinated by him and a great secret of the island’s origin that could doom all of it’s inhabitants to the depths of the sea.

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Creative England New Ideas Fund

Fool’s Gold

Fool’s Gold is a chaotic couch co-op tomb-raiding game in which two players work together to grab as much treasure as they can and use a variety of transportation devices to get the treasure back to their escape vehicle before time runs out.

Players will contend with a variety of deadly traps and perilous enemies while solving environmental puzzles, in order to grab the most valuable treasure and ultimately get the highest score possible! It mashes the frantic, quickfire co-op play of Overcooked with Indiana Jones-style tombs, traps, and adventure to create a uniquely tumultuous teamwork experience.

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The Great Smog

The Great Smog is a Co-Op Steampunk Horror that blends the group scares and legendary enemies of Horror Hunters such as Phasmophobia with the player-driven gameplay and reactive world of Immersive Sims such as Bioshock.

You and up to 3 friends will descend from your Airships, customizable bases far above the dangerous streets, into iconic London locations in order to defeat their mutated inhabitants and collect resources to upgrade and adapt your gear.

Explore the abandoned ruins of the jewel of an empire at its height of power – a London on the cusp of revolution both technologically and politically.

Delve into its many landmarks to collect resources, encounter mutants and uncover the secrets behind the mysterious Great Smog.

Whether it’s through stealth, shooting, luring mutants into a trap or cleverly adapting the environment – you and your friends are free to take on the streets of Steampunk London however you choose.

Tackle problems in any way you see fit, and navigate levels through multiple routes, all fitting your unique playstyle.

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Project XO immerses players in an action-packed virtual reality adventure as Captain Kate Alder, a former air force pilot who is tasked with piloting a cutting-edge exo-suit for tech giants 4D Industries. The exo-suit not only enhances Kate’s physical abilities but also utilises 4D Industries’ advanced AI technology.

During a routine exercise the 4D facility suddenly goes into emergency lock down, trapping Kate and unleashing the full force of the AI security forces. With the aid of the exosuit you will need to use your combat training and strategic thinking to battle your way through the complex and uncover the truth behind the lock down.

Project XO offers an unparalleled virtual reality experience with a thrilling storyline and immersive gameplay that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

VoxStory – Fantasy RPG

More than just a VTT

VoxStory is an innovative new game system for tabletop roleplaying games.

VoxStory is an easy to use desktop and mobile app that allows you to create cinematic TTRPG sessions through simple, intuitive gameplay. No complicated setups, no time consuming configurations. Just choose your world and characters, connect with family and friends and start seeing your adventure come to life in real-time!

This creates a unique and immersive experience where each player becomes part of the action.

Ready to build custom worlds and craft your own story? VoxStory is the new cinematic, customisable, rule flexible TTRPG.


Experience an ancient Norse deity’s rise to power in Odinheim, a strategic god game that combines creative town-building and miracles with Viking-inspired exploration and raiding gameplay. Faith is power in Odinheim: Explore the realms, build up your following, and raid other worlds to grow your influence and prove your worthiness to join the Norse pantheon.

Natural Language Game – Unannounced

Meaning Machine was established to develop games that use cutting-edge Natural Language technology. It represents the coming together of two teams – the developers behind the award-winning voice-controlled game “Unknown Number a First Person Talker”, and the Natural Language technologists behind WeSpeakGames and Web App Services.

The studio is grateful to have been selected by the UK Games Fund in their Round 10 of funding, and will be using the funds to pursue an innovative project, made possible through Natural Language technology.