Project Category: Funding Year 9

Normal Fishing

Normal Fishing is an action-packed experimental horror experience inspired by retro handheld gaming consoles, childhood fears and deep, dark mysteries dripping in existential dread. With its deceptively cosy atmosphere and unusual blend of genres, this game intends to take you on an entertaining and shocking adventure that burrows right under your skin, waiting to reveal itself for what it really is.

As the new fisherman in “Lake Village”, it’s your job to catch fish, help out the locals and keep the increasingly ridiculous and monstrous threats of the lake under control. But lately the lake hasn’t been feeling like home, and something seems a little… off. Young folks have been causing a mess. Your wife isn’t sleeping properly. The voice on other the end of the phone doesn’t sound the way it should. As things start to unravel and the game itself begins to break down, perhaps you’ll discover that what you see on the surface doesn’t quite reflect the truth. And maybe the reality of what’s really going on is far, far deeper than the lake…

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Escalar is an adventure precision platformer, with collectathon & puzzle elements. Climb a mysterious tower to reach the rumoured treasures that lie within!

Escalar challenges players to platform with precision as they climb the hazardous tower, however one wrong jump could plunge you down the tower and into the depths of despair! Use grenades, grapple hooks, your climbing skills or charge jump your way up the tower. Collect gems to buy upgrades from Burlar’s Bazaar, then use your upgraded abilities to reach new unexplored areas!

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