Project Category: Funding Year 9

Engines of Destruction

Engines of Destruction (EOD) is a large-scale, realistic, multiplayer, FPS/Mech game – combining infantry and mechs in a way never done before. It features a fully realistic medical system, customizable mechs with complex health, power and heat systems, a full suit of other military vehicles, and the full complexities of radar/IR/laser systems. If it exists in real life, it will exist in EOD.

Most games focus on developing a core gameplay experience; it’s what you go to that game to play. EOD strives to be all from a hyper-realistic MilSim to an easy-going shooter. It does this by allowing for customisation of all game systems, from health mechanics, inventory systems, radio, economy, game objectives, and more. Our players get to decide what they want to play the most.

The community always knows what they want, more than any developer. Some of the best modern games came from mods. EOD is committed to fully support mods and community servers.

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Shuttle Revolution

Shuttle Revolution is a flashy action-packed 2.5D badminton fighting game! Smash the shuttlecock at high speeds to KO your opponents or break apart the stage. Take control of a diverse cast of ten up-and-coming badminton champions, each with a unique twist to master. These explosive powers at play range from psychic energy manipulation and bionic grappling hooks to long-dormant ancient spirits with unfinished badminton business.

Take to the courts online or offline with either the singleplayer or multiplayer modes. Pick your favourite character and take them through the streets of Euron in the Arcade Path, where you will battle waves of AI in the court and travelling down branching story paths depending on what decisions you make after each victory – allowing you different endings per character.
Or dive into the Online Battle mode and take on formidable opponents as you fight to become the supreme Badminton champion!

Whatever your path may be through the funky streets of Euron, your style will live on.

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2nd – Game Design by Sumo Digital at the Game Republic Student Showcase 2022


Escalar is an adventure precision platformer, with collectathon & puzzle elements. Climb a mysterious tower to reach the rumoured treasures that lie within!

Escalar challenges players to platform with precision as they climb the hazardous tower, however one wrong jump could plunge you down the tower and into the depths of despair! Use grenades, grapple hooks, your climbing skills or charge jump your way up the tower. Collect gems to buy upgrades from Burlar’s Bazaar, then use your upgraded abilities to reach new unexplored areas!

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Skera VR

Skera is a single-player, puzzle-solving action adventure game designed for VR.

Slice through obstacles in an immersive VR adventure! Find mysterious relics and fight forgotten guardians.

Unlock the Mystery’s of the tower you find yourself in and find a way to save your people on this doomed planet.

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By Grit Alone

By Grit Alone is a brutal VR survival shooter. You’re the lone survivor on a compromised starship, limping from derelict to derelict, exploring and scavenging the Bermuda triangle of space. Every encounter is a risk; each wreckage could contain vital resources, ancient stories or swarms of alien horrors. By Grit Alone, you will survive.

True Crime: A Liar’s Game

Pursue the mystery of who killed Charlie Goodacre – and who may have framed an innocent man.

You play as documentary filmmaker Jack, investigating a case of a wrongful conviction. Armed with your camera and a list of unanswered questions, you head to the small town of Hurt, where you must explore the town, interview suspects and spot when they are lying in order to reconstruct what really happened that night.

Can you prove that George is innocent, and find the real killer?

The Darkness will Devour Us

The Darkness will Devour Us is a turn based tactics game with a focus on strategic defence and RPG mechanics. Players must build a roster of guardians from the last survivors of a doomed world. Customise and control these desperate defenders, while each day shadows creep closer to the last citadel, can you hold back the darkness?

Twilight Array

Two scavengers board an abandoned leisure spaceship, but neither of them are fully aware of what they will encounter and how it will effect their relationship, as they delve deeper into its grandiose shadowy decks.

Inspired by RPGs, Twilight Array tells its story through branching dialogue and exploration. Players take control of the character’s torches to find what past secrets lie in the shadows. Choices players make may cause the characters to become increasingly agitated, paranoid and hostile towards one another. Changing the dialogue and dialogue options available to the player.

Macabre Museum

Macabre Museum is a 1-4 player co-op adventure horror game. Explore the mysteries of a museum like no other; alone or with friends. Wield historical weapons, defeat different monsters, avoid brutal traps, and solve strange puzzles as the exhibits come alive at night…

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