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Olly Bennett is the CEO of Cardboard Sword – a game development studio based in the North East of England.

Olly has worked in the games industry for over twelve years, across six companies, with roles in QA, Design, and Production. Before starting Cardboard Sword, he was associate producer on Sony’s LittleBigPlanet on PS Vita.

It was a redundancy that led to Olly and one of his former colleagues taking the leap to form Cardboard Sword.

That was six years ago, and in the early days, they made the bulk of their money doing consultancy work for a range of clients. But, understandably, that was never going to be the company’s end goal.

Their marquee IP is The Siege and the Sandfox – a “2D stealth Metroidvania” game with a real nostalgic 16-bit look to it, albeit combined with some powerful modern tools and techniques.

Olly also runs Game Bridge in Middlesbrough, a monthly networking event and community for video game developers based in the North East.