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Adam Boyne is the co-founder and technical lead of BetaJester.

This Yorkshire-based games company were formed in 2015 by Adam, and two of his fellow graduates of the University of Hull, Ryan, and Josh. The trio’s original plan was to spend four or five years working at established game companies, before going on to launch their own.

But the general advice they got from folks in the industry was “if you want to do this, why not just do it now?”

This was further reinforced when the university offered them a year’s free office space to help get them up and running.

The opportunity to launch and grow a company without any initial rent or overheads was too good to turn down, and in June 2015, they arrived for their first day at work as full-time game developers.

And, aside from starting the search for their first few clients, that also meant they could actually work on… developing a game!
Adam explained that they just wanted to get something out there that had their own name on it.

That game ended up being an Android title by the name of Geometrics.

So, how did that first effort perform once it was released out there into the wild?