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This week we’ve been busy up and down the country as the UK Games Fund team visited both Edinburgh and London to speak to, and learn from, potential applicants to the current round of funding.

Both events proved to be incredibly popular with the audience being already well-versed in what the Fund was about and the criteria for the current round. After contextualising the purpose of UK Games Talent and Finance CIC in UK games development sector, Paul and Mike proceeded to share some top tips on the application process with the audience before taking questions from the floor.

Having never run such events before, the most surprising thing for us as a team was the amount we learned from the questions you asked; although we do have a comprehensive overview of information on how the complete the application process online it’s always a good learning experience for us to engage with the community of applicants and interested parties to learn how we can improve the process.

Feedback has so far been really positive and we look forward to engaging with more potential applicants at our Manchester workshop on Wednesday 30th March.