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UK Games Talent and Finance CIC’s successful Community Connect event can now be relived in a new video by Hark Pictures.

Hark, who are making a documentary about this year’s Tranzfuser competition were on hand to capture the flavour of the Community Connect event which has been praised by both the UKGTF community and guest speakers. The success of the event has led UKGTF to release a short video using some of the day’s material.

“We’ve had an incredibly positive response from the attendees at the event”

said Paul Durrant, Founder and Chief Executive of UKGTF

“Our community has been built around the notion of the value of peer-to-peer support. Having companies that have been successful share their stories has been truly inspirational. The growth stories told during the event have been captured to feed into our future programme design so that UKGTF’s community can continue to grow and build a critical mass, creating a true win / win situation for all”

UKGTF Community Connect