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With Round 9 now closed for applications, we catch up with our more recently funded companies from Round 8.

Having been announced as grant recipients recently, the cohort from Round 8 have been busy making huge in-roads with their funded projects as well as supporting up-and-coming talent within the industry.


Several funded projects are already available to Wishlist on Steam, with playable demos for fans to explore the innovative games on offer.

Derpy God from Dull Dude
Derpy God is a 2D side-scrolling real-time strategy game, with chaotic physics-driven battles, set in a fantasy world of gods and mortals.

Spellbound: The Magic Within from Wyrdren Games
Spellbound: The Magic Within is a branching narrative, multiple ending visual novel. Jump into a world of Magic, Witchcraft and Mystery as a magician in training. Interact with a host of unusual characters. Choose from multiple schools of magic, bond with your tutor, and maybe even save the world.

Whispers in the West from Infinite Whys
Whispers in the West is a game set in the far reaches of the Wild West frontier – a perfect environment for a whodunit mystery!

Wholesome Games Direct

The recent Wholesome Games Direct event featured over 90 games focused on wholesome aesthetics. We’re delighted to share that funded companies were featured!

Kitori Academy from Cubenery
Kitori Academy is a cosy life simulator where you take the role of a wizard apprentice and have a cat as a companion!

Wholesome: Out and About from Yaldi Games
Wholesome is a relaxing life simulator about living in harmony with nature that can inspire real life activities. Connect with nature, forage, farm, cook and craft. Build and grow your own little shop and cottage and make friends with people and animals. And after playing, you can take the skills you learned and use them in real life!

Yaldi Games also announced their recent selection as Young Edge winners (as part of the Scottish Edge Awards).


Several funded companies from Round 8 are involved in offering their expertise to others within the industry as part of the successful Limit Break mentor scheme.

On top of all of this, their UKGTF community contribution sees many participate in Tranzfuser. With the competition soon set to start, their involvement in support of the graduate teams will be put to good use throughout the competition.