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Funded company Quite Fresh recently announced Void Tyrant – their card-based RPG strategy game – will be published in partnership with Armor Games Studios later this year.

Void Tyrant is a mix of science-fiction and fantasy. Players control heroes of various classes and abilities as they explore planets on their way in search of legendary gems to restore peace to the galaxy. Combat is reminiscent of Blackjack; the player and their enemy take turns drawing cards (or opting to stand at their current value) valued between one and six, with the goal being the one to reach as close to a total of 12 as possible without going over. Only the one who wins the round by doing so deals damage.

Having been selected for funding in the third round of the UK Games Fund, Quite Fresh has been working on the game for nearly two years.

Speaking of the support the project has received from the UK Games Fund, company found Stefan Åhlin said:

“For a tiny developer like Quite Fresh, the support from the UK Games Fund was what made it possible to aim that much higher with a complex and content-heavy project like Void Tyrant. With the support it was possible to spend time fine-tuning and iterating on the design early on, and also to really dive into the pre-production and create an interesting world.”

Head of Community at UK Games Fund Kirsty Gibson said:

“Void Tyrant is an exciting project we’re delighted to have helped support in development. The UK Games Fund portfolio of funded companies continues to make an impact on the UK’s games development sector. We’re excited to follow Quite Fresh’s continued success as they partner with Armor Games Studios.”

The game is planned to be free-to-play and will be released on iOS and Android.