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GJL: Exclusive Tranzfuser Edition

As ProtoPlay fast approaches, it has today been announced that the event will include a new careers development section.

ProtoPlay is partnering with Games Jobs Live, an online live stream events organisation set up to match games devs looking for jobs or those just starting out in the industry, with companies local to them that have active vacancies.

Tranzfuser 2020 has seen the largest intake of graduate games development teams enrol in the competition, helping more talented individuals to bolster their chances of securing long term prospect post-Tranzfuser; whether that involves setting up their own games development studio or securing employment elsewhere.

Colin Macdonald from Games Jobs Live said,

“Over the years Tranzfuser has helped to accelerate the careers of talented young developers, from teams that went on to set up their own studios to individuals that have established themselves as expert professionals. This year, with so many participants involved in the competition, I’m delighted to help facilitate as many of those skilled individuals as possible further their chances of securing their dream job in the UK games development sector.”

Paul Durrant, Director at UKGTF, said:

“When we stepped in to help as many of this year’s UK graduate cohort as possible, we knew that not all of them would be ready to set up their own business. Over the years we’ve seen how the Tranzfuser experience of a real-world project is a major asset for the team members’ CVs that want to get hired, so partnering up with GJL gives us a great opportunity to showcase those resumes to potential employers”

ProtoPlay launches on Thursday 24th September. Find out more about this year’s teams here.