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To coincide with the first London Games Festival we invited our portfolio of funded companies from our launch round to join us at a central London venue to showcase their projects to a selected group of VIP invites.

We had a huge variety of funded projects on show; from VR to traditional platforms, with a good dose of mobile games being demonstrated too. Our VIPs, a select group of industry experts with a background in investing in digital IP / PR / publishing etc, were incredibly impressed.

“Growing and developing the UK Games Fund community is central to our core purpose of helping to develop the UK games development sector, particularly at the early stage. Having our portfolio come together for the first time as a group, along with our VIP invitees, is the culmination of months of hard work to support, develop and promote the group.”

Kirsty Gibson, Head of Community

Showcasing the best in UK games development talent was our privilege and we hope to run similar events for our growing portfolio of companies in the future.