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Since it launched in Autumn last year, the UK Games Fund has had over 300 applications from across the UK. Now in the process of awarding grants to the second batch of companies coming through from the most recent call for applications, we take a look back at the launch round portfolio of 24 funded companies to find out how the funded project and a selection of the companies are doing.

Company: White Paper Games

Funded Project: To be announced

Being part of the UK Games Fund portfolio of funded companies has opened up new channels to lots of different people in the games development community for White Paper Games. Meeting new contacts and being able to discuss ideas has been an unexpected benefit for the company.

The company grew in size as a direct result of funding from the UK Games Fund with an additional two members of staff joining the team.

Although unable to discuss the funded project publicly at present, White Paper Games hopes to announce details of the project soon.

Website: http://www.whitepapergames.com/2014/
Twitter: @WhitePaperGames

Company: Coatsink

Funded Project: To be announced

Since funding was secured, Coatsink has developed a new prototype and pitched it to several first parties/large publishers, with excellent results. The team have now started development on a full version of the game.

The fund helped Cotsink get the prototype over the line, supporting the dev team and helping the company to grow.

More about the game will be revealed in 2017, and release is planned on multiple platforms during the same year. It’s hoped hope the game will cement the company as a high quality developer of original IP.

Website: http://coatsink.com/
Twitter: @Coatsink

Company: Hewson Consultants

Funded Project: Mechinus

The grant from the UK Games Fund made a huge difference to both the company and to Mechinus.

It has allowed the company to build a great prototype for Mechinus and consequently the team has had a series of hugely encouraging meetings with potential partners, putting the company in a really strong negotiating position to choose the best possible option to bring the game to market.

Furthermore, the support has been a springboard for expanding the company’s wider ambitions and has injected serendipitous energy into other projects currently in development

Website: http://hewsonconsultants.com/
Twitter: @HewsonJoystick

Company: Tag Games

Funded Project: Misfits vs. Monsters

The support from the UK Games Fund has helped Tag to balance work-for-hire with own IP development and consequently has allowed the company to retain seven skilled members of staff
Enabled numerous pitch meetings with existing/new potential partners and helped the company secure interest from various potential publishing partners (Sega US, Flare Games etc.)

Tag is now seeking to secure a contract with a publishing partner and put the funded project into full production

Website: http://www.tag-games.com/
Twitter: @taggames

Company: Plug-in Media

Funded Project: Sketchy Racer

The company has made great progress on the funded project since receiving support from the UK Games Fund; there are now 10 levels and much of the core functionality designed, all currently being play tested with 10 year olds. The game is now at an alpha build stage and it is hoped that it’ll be launched in the autumn.

The project had spent a while on the back-burner due to work-for-hire, but support from the UK Games Fund really galvanised development, allowing the company to prioritise it as a live project.

The company is now working on a launch strategy for the game; designing an ad integration plan and ensuring the game is as playable as possible. The company continues to develop its cross-platform IP targeted at children and families.

Website: http://www.pluginmedia.net/
Twitter: @pluginmedia

“We’re delighted how many of the projects we’ve supported have already translated into success. This demonstrates how the modest levels of funding we can provide can lead to significant impacts that will benefit the whole UK games development ecosystem”

Paul Durrant, CEO, UK Games Talent and Finance CIC