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Since launching in late 2015, the UK Games Fund portfolio of funded projects is now sitting at over 100 projects. The most recent additions were from our fourth round of funding, Pitch Development Programme and Tranzfuser 2018 competition. Now our sizeable and engaged community is keen to keep us updated with their growth and successes. We’ve featured some of these stories in our podcast series.

With our focus on very early stage projects we help companies at that stage so they can start a journey to grow their studios. For example 53% of our Round 4 companies plan to create additional PAYE posts within their companies in the next 12 months with another 20% already having added PAYE roles to their studios. This growth is part of our grand plan to help the early stage games creative and business ecosystem and boost the economy.

Some of our younger studios have been telling us what impact the support from the UK Games Fund has meant for the company.

Polygon Treehouse

Röki is a game of adventure, courage and folklore. It is a game about Monsters that shouldn’t exist, but DO.

Developers Polygon Treehouse recently announced their publishing partnership with United Label for the release of funded project, Röki. The game is scheduled to be released later this year.


Tom Jones, Co-founder of Polygon Treehouse, said:

“I think it’s fair to say that the UK Games Fund played a large part in us successfully signing with United Label. Not only did the funding secure us financially whilst the logistics of the deal were worked out, it also allowed us to push forward and meet the level of quality that we were looking for, subsequently making Röki a far more appealing prospect for any potential partners. Quite simply, we would not be where we are now without their support and investment.”

Cubit Studios

Infinitesimals is a 3rd person science fiction adventure where you play as technologically advanced aliens who stand at just 1 millimetre tall.

Bournemouth based Cubit Studios just released a trailer for the forthcoming project, Infinitesimals.


James McWilliams, Director at Cubit Studios, said:

“The UK games fund grant has allowed us to work full time on Infinitesimals for 6 months, which has greatly accelerated our prototype. The project is beginning to look like an actual game, rather than a collection of separate tech/art demos. With the prototype in hand, we’ll gain funding this year and enter full production!”

Mujo Games

Tranzfuser 2018 competition winners Mujo Games are working on the imminent release of the company’s first game, Probably Pinball. The game is their own take on the pinball game genre, combining classic flipper action with crazy-golf style levels.

Fynn Levy, Director at Mujo Games, said:

“Probably Pinball is our first foray into the world of commercial games development and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of UK Games Fund and the Tranzfuser scheme. UK Games Fund has given us stability and confidence as a company to pursue something that we wouldn’t have thought of as possible less than a year ago. We’re really excited to continue building upon this experience and keep making great things!”