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With close to 8 years funding now awarded, more than 250 projects funded and hundreds of talented graduates having been supported via Tranzfuser, the impact of funding can be felt right across our portfolio of companies.

The community comes together regularly across Discord, via virtual get togethers and at in-person events. Here, we take a look at recent announcements from the community of funded companies about successes, celebrations and anticipatory hints at what’s to come very soon.

Success Shout-Outs


Round 1 funded company Roll7 were last month announced as winners of the coveted best ‘British Game’ BAFTA for their game Rollerdrome.

Roll7’s mission is to develop titles so intuitive and refined, that all players reach the ‘zone’; fully immersed in focus and involvement.

Brightrock Games

The trailer for the soon to be released funded project from Brighton-based Brightrock Games, Galacticare, now available. More detail to follow later this year about this exciting release!

Huey Games

Also from the first round of the UK Games Fund, Mechinus from Huey Games was selected for the MIX Showcase at GDC (and Steam event), the European Showcase at GDC and the London Official Selection at London Games Festival.

It was announced last year that Huey Games secured a £235k investment from Creative UK’s Growth Finance fund.

Cubit Studios

Funded in Round 4, Cubit Studios specialises in offering rich and polished experiences that their dedicated fanbase can enjoy and immerse themselves in.

The studio recently showcased funded project Infinitesimals at GDC, taking centre stage at the State of Unreal art of the show.

Project news

Ant Workshop

From Round 6, funded project Dungeon Golf  has been announced as to be released soon and is now available to Wishlist on Steam.

Cubenary Studios

Kitori Academy, funded in Round 8, sees players spend joyful days on whimsical story-quests, making friends with other apprentices as they mix potions and cast spells. The team behind the game recently announced their success in securing and Epic MegaGrant.

Team Dissonent

Earlier this year, funded project where players are tasked to team up with friends to solve the mystery in this online co-op murder mystery was selected for support from the Wings Fund. Funded project Whispers in the West will be released in the summer but is available for Wishlist now.

Awards and Events

The industry and collective recognition for the creative successes and innovative impact our portfolio continues to have as it grows and matures is something we are incredibly proud to be associated with.

Recent inclusions in critically acclaimed awards ceremonies as well as international celebrations of UK-based talent are of huge significance to our community and we celebrate their achievements.

MCV/Develop Awards 

Portfolio companies feature across the board as part of the celebrated list of MCV/Develop awards nominees.

London Games Festival

The following members of our funded community were included in the acclaimed Official Selection from London Games Festival.