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Previous recipients of funding from the former Prototype Fund, Preliminal Games, were recently named as winners of the Mass Challenge Diamond Award.

As a Diamond Award Winner and Top 26 finalist of the 2015 MassChallenge UK accelerator intake, Preliminal’s project, Mantle, is receiving the best guidance and support available in the UK for ongoing development and delivery.

Dean Gifford, CEO and Co-Founder,

Starting Preliminal Games in 2012 to create our own IP was a pivotal experience, enabling us to carve out our own place in an industry that we wanted to pour our passion into.

Keeping a games development company going while bringing its own new IP to life is a difficult task and one that we are hugely thankful to the have had the support of the Prototype Fund for. It gave us the runway to create and focus 100% on our own work without the worry or concern that we would need to divert much needed time and talent elsewhere in supporting ourselves during the process. As a result we were able to grow our IP both creatively and technically giving rise not only to our game but also new tools we created to achieve it with.

Without the help of the Prototype Fund early in our development right when we most needed it our trajectory would have been quite different and the growth, support and experience it has allowed us to build on would undoubtedly have been a much more uphill battle.

Congratulations to all at Preliminal!