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Over the course of the four weeks of DunDev , we captured the residential journey the studios took as they went on to secure funding from the UK Games Fund .

Footage produced by Edinburgh-based Stroma Films provides invaluable insight into the experiences of the DunDev participants, providing viewers with first-hand accounts of what really goes into making a game as an indie dev team.

The audience is invited backstage to the game-making process and get to know the personal stories behind DunDev.

Kirsty Gibson, Head of Impact at UKGTF, said:

“When planning DunDev and onboarding the studios, we could not have foreseen what each team and individual would both collectively and individually take away from the experience. The DunDev documentary gives viewers unrivalled access to hands-on game dev experiences but most importantly helps to shine a light on the value for both company and entrepreneurial spirit in the hothousing residential experience.”

Spike Foster from Solar Flare London said:

“It was definitely valuable to be in a different location, allowing us to get into the working head space. We developed a sense of camaraderie with the other teams and found ourselves getting close with with the other teams and found ourselves sharing ideas with them but also with our own space to go back to after a hard working day.”

Dundee as a setting for studios, who all came from out with the city, proved a welcome home for the residential and it’s left its mark on their personal professional journeys.

All four studios are now working on their funded projects from DunDev.