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Portfolio of funded companies continues to grow

Eleven companies from across the UK selected for funding with grants of up to £25,000.

This round was highly competitive, with those selected for funding being; projects ranging from horror-genre VR games to free-to-play mobile projects, smaller scale companies and those with a growing workforce, studios that have been making games for a long time as well as those making the transition from one form of creative digital output to games.

Now with almost 170 funded games from indie dev studios across the country, the UKGF portfolio has an increasingly diverse range of projects, companies and geographical representation.

Round 7 was very specifically designed to support those studios that have had past experience of developing and shipping a game as a team; with grant funding of up to £25,000 on offer, successful applicants were expected to have been ready to go with a fully fleshed out dev team and detailed route to market.

With 270 Expressions of Interest initially submitted to the round, interviews with close to 50 excellent candidates were held last month. The review panel had the chance to speak with each interviewee about their projects, their need for grant and explore what impact the funding would have on their business.

Kirsty Gibson, Head of Community at the UK Games Fund, said:

“Having the opportunity to speak with creative dev studios across the country is a great privilege for us as a review panel; each and every team we spoke with brought their passion for games development and belief in their company to the table. We were truly blown away by the standard of applicants in Round 7. The quality bar continues to be raised as we move through the years, so much so that in this round of funding we faced the unenviable task of selecting which companies should be supported with grants this year.”

Round 7 Companies

The full list of successful applicants to Round 7:

Katie Goode, Creative Director at Triangular Pixels said:

“We’re incredibly fortunate to have been selected for Round 7 of the UK Games Fund. Our studio and diverse team of developers will now be able to focus 100% on creating a compelling, fun demo to show publishers and investors – for a game which is eagerly anticipated by VR’s fans. We’re very happy to see the UK Games Fund is investing in games in Cornwall and we hope to use this opportunity to continue to grow our support for fellow Cornish developers and community.”

For those that were unsuccessful in their application, it is hoped that further opportunities for support can be explored in the months to come.

New to 2021, another round of funding will launch for applications in just a few weeks’ time. Round 8 is, as with it’s predecessor, targeted to reach a very specific group of applicants. More detail about what possible applicants should be aware of can be found in our recent interview with UKGF Founder and Director, Paul Durrant.