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2021 is already upon us and as we look forward to what will hopefully be a productive year, full of opportunity and learning, we start to think about the upcoming Tranzfuser competition.

Deborah Farley (Head of Tranzfuser) shares her Top 5 Tips for anyone thinking of applying to this Tranzfuser 2021.

1. Plan for the future
Think ahead, what do you want to achieve during summer 2021? How can use this time to impact your future career/life?

As teams work on real world projects during Tranzfuser, as a participant you will develop and hone all important game development skills, working as part of a team (or lead it). The competition will provide you with a platform to start your own video game business should that be your goal.

2. Dream
Taking part in the competition will be hard work at times, but you’ll be doing something you enjoy and are passionate about. Have fun dreaming about your game idea, what you want to create and what your business might look like. Enjoy the process!

3. Focus
Focus on the resources you’ll need to create your game during Tranzfuser. You’ll need to think about lots of things at this stage but here are a few things to add to the top of your to-do list:

*Think about what you want to achieve by the end of Tranzfuser; do you want to develop a full game, a vertical slice, a level, a demo, an understanding of finance, perhaps a better grasp of marketing your game? Depending on your role in Tranzfuser and what your own personal plans for the future are, there can be a multitude of answers to this one!

*Select a game engine and tools; what will you use to make your idea a reality?

*Build your team and find people with skills you need to build your game.

*Think about how long you will need to get to where you want to with the project; we highly recommend you consider the project’s scope and what you ultimately want to achieve.

4. Learning
You don’t have to start from scratch. Draw on previous learning, perhaps an idea or content that you developed during a game jam that you’ve wanted to revisit, or skills you’ve acquired through university or years of loving playing and creating video games. It is essential that you build on your learning to take it with you once the competition has concluded.

5. Make it happen
Keep an eye out on our social media channels for news about the different pathways into Tranzfuser 2021. This year’s competition will have something for everyone!

More details about the 2021 Tranzfuser competition will be released soon over on Tranzfuser.com.

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