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Tranzfuser 2017 drew to a close yesterday as the 23 competing teams left the NEC and EGX closed its doors for another year. Over the course of four days, more than 75,000 gamers descended upon the expo to get the chance to play the latest AAA and most innovative indie games in the UK right now.

The Tranzfuser stand was busy from the moment the doors opened as keen gamers took the opportunity to play the exciting 23 games produced by the best of the UK’s games development talent.

Competing teams set to work impressing not only the general public with their games but so too a panel of industry veteran reviewers. The panel of carefully selected experts were set the difficult task of assessing all games against a strict set of criteria with a view to recommending the top-rated projects go on to be supported by the UK Games Fund.

After individual reviews were completed each team had the opportunity to pitch to the panel in their final opportunity to be selected to join the UK Games Fund portfolio of funded companies.

Deborah Farley, Head of Talent and Outreach, said:

“Having had the privilege to watch the teams grow from applicants to the competition just a few months ago to now being in a position to pitch as games development studios seeking investment for the commercialisation of their projects, I’m delighted with the standard of work produced by this year’s Tranzfuser.”

Each team has singularly impressed with their passion for games development and commitment to the competition. I’ll be taking a keen interest in how each team progresses post-Tranzfuser, whether selected for support from the UK Games Fund or otherwise. Each and every team member should be proud of what they’ve achieved!”

The announcement of teams selected to join the portfolio of funded companies will follow the essential due diligence work currently underway. Watch this space for further updates on the winners of Tranzfuser 2017.